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Radar Speed Signs

Provide Clear Advanced Warning

Provide real-time feedback to drivers in your designated zones. KOHLTECH’S Radar speed sign will notify a driver when they exceed the set speed limit by flashing their speed in red and displaying a “SLOW DOWN” message. When drivers travel under the set limit, their speed will display in green.

  • Dimension: 30” X 10” X 7” (780X660X180mm)
  • LED Display (HXW): 15.7” X 22.8” (400X580mm)
  • LEDs color: Red/Green/Amber
  • Speed: from 6 – 55 MPH (10 – 99 KM/H)
  • Accuracy: ± 1 MPH (or KM/H)
  • Radar: 24.125GHz (K-band)
  • Detection range: 328Ft (150m)
  • Built-in controller, easy-to-set speed limit
  • AC, DC, and Solar power are optional
  • Weather-resistant construction

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