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Custom Kits For Your Builds

Key Features

  • Built to your exact needs and specifications
  • Receive the exact parts for each build
  • Remove all guesswork on what is needed for each truck
  • Eliminate trips across the production floor
  • Increase overall production while decreasing production time
  • Improve your bottom line and eliminate wasted time

Easily reorder the parts you need when you need them

Our job is to make your job as easy as possible. With our kitting program you can easily reorder the parts you need for your builds right here. You order, we package, label and ship so all you have to do is build.


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KOHLTECH’S Logistic Solutions

Expedited Production

Domestic and Global Sourcing

We understand that production can be a difficult task with supply shortages and tight deadlines. KOHLTECH has closely examined this issue and developed a system that can overcome most production and supply chain issues allowing us to provide more expedient turn around times without sacrificing quality.